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Independent films help put more empathy in the world, and more empathy can help heal a nation. It’s why Reactance Theaters™ exclusively showcases LAMP™ (Live Action Multimedia Production) films. A LAMP™ film is a movie, music concert, comedy show, documentary, play, or any other rich content that meets our suitability standards.


Our private Reactance Theaters Entertainment Pods™ are sized for a couple, family, or small group with up to 10 seats per pod.

a greener way

Facelifting is a technique we mastered while building our prototypes, which gives the look and feel of a fancy theater with little to no construction. Our pods are p rivate, Sanitized, Luxurious, COVID-19 Safe, and sized for couples, families, or groups while adhering to CDC standards for pandemic resilience.

what we DID

We Imagined, Researched, and Brought Reactance Theaters™ to Fruition.

We expanded the technical boundaries of the internet for the first time in recent history. We built a new industry. Now, we’re creating new opportunities and jobs. We are on a mission to change the world for the better, and we’re not keeping any secrets.

Meet Our Team

With passionate hearts, our team of professionals aspire to put more empathy into the world one live independent production at a time.

Eric Brown

Chief Executive Manager

Brian Joubert


Holly Hunter

Director, Standards & Practices

Jason Graddick

Director, Soundstage Operations

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