We set out to help make the world a better place with emphasis on the creative arts.

Here’s what we learned…


The Skoll Center’s Social Impact Entertainment (SIE) foundation, an organization dedicated to measuring the tangible output that the empathy created by films has on society, said, “Independent films can lead to increased empathy.”

They help teach people the value of putting themselves in others’ shoes to understand their feelings and perspectives. Independent filmmakers can make different films, engage with important themes, and offer alternative perspectives on problems and issues that are central to the human condition.

More empathy results in tangible outputs which have a positive impact on society.

Empathy is one of the most important traits for living in an interconnected world. It is a character strength and life skill essential to humans’ overall growth and success. It increases happiness, decreases stress, and even makes marriages better. Unfortunately, empathy is declining. One study showed that the average American college student in 2009 scored as less empathic than 75% of students in 1979, but there’s still hope.


Pangea Day (2008) brought the world together with 24 short films shown simultaneously in a 4-hour marathon at more than 1,500 sites.

The films exhibited inspired people around the world to take part in community-building activities in their local areas, proving independent films do increase empathy.

Here’s what we did…

MORE EMPATHY | MORE INDIE | more than just a vision

We created the world’s first mass distribution system for the theatrical release of live independent content.

Reactance Theaters is a brand new industry that does not compete with Hollywood, Cable TV, Network Television, or streaming platforms and features “zero-cost distribution” for content producers.


We invented new patent-pending technology that multicasts live independent content using the public internet to thousands of locations.

we built a new soundstage

Our new technology powers our LiveStage which combines riveting live performances with special effects and broadcasts out to thousands of theaters simultaneously.


This ain’t vaporware! We built the technology, the soundstage, and designed a new type of theater with safety, privacy, luxury, security, and high Quality of Experience (QoE) in mind. Contact us to schedule your live demo of Reactance Theaters™.

(Live Action Multimedia Production)

A unique combination of people and processes, powered by patented technology.

Real-Time Special Effects

Our LiveStage™ allows Content Producers to insert special effects, real-time, directly into the broadcast for a near-cinematic experience.

All Independent Productions

LAMP™ Films are independent and powered by empathy and modern creativity.

Where Broadway Meets the Big Screen